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Turf Reinforcement Mats

Now you can take a natural approach to permanent, sustainable solutions.

Green Design Engineering™ has taken erosion control with natural vegetation to a whole new level. Reinforced vegetation can now handle nearly 3 times the velocity and up to 5 times the shear stresses of natural turf; sites that were once the sole domain of hard armor. At the heart of this remarkable accomplishment:

  • GreenArmor™ System, featuring Futerra TRM's and fiber-reinforced, hydraulically applied mulch matrix

  • Futerra® Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) and NEW Futerra® R45

Green Armor

A revolutionary green alternative to hard armor.

The Green Armor system combines Enkamat® TRM (Turf Reinforcement Mat) or Enkamat® HP-TRM (High Performance-Turf Reinforcement Mat) with Flexterra® HP-FGM™(High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™) to intimately bond soil and seeds while accelerating growth.

As the world’s most effective Green Design Engineering™ alternative to hard armor, the GreenArmor™ System offers a more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally superior means of protecting high-discharge waterways and steep slopes. You can learn about Keys to the System here. You will see that they bring together the most technologically advanced erosion control and revegetation products to provide:

  • 30-50% less cost than hard armor

  • Twice the erosion resistance of natural vegetation

  • Higher-density turf

  • Unmatched factors of safety


Watch our Video Demonstration which shows how the components come together

Learn the proper installation techniques combining Futerra® Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) with Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™ (HP-FGM™) to create the optimal green solution to hard armor.

Futerra TRM
Double the performance of natural vegetation.

Futerra® TRM is made of polyamide (nylon) filaments thermally fused at their intersections to create a homogeneous matrix. Developed in 1972, it is arguably the most specified TRM on the planet today. It is unique because 95% percent of its matrix is open space, which supplements nature’s own erosion control system by reinforcing plant root systems. When fully vegetated, Futerra TRM can withstand water velocities greater than 20 feet per second and shear stresses of 10 pounds per square foot!


Futerra R45 HP-TRM

The most complete turf reinforcement mat—ever!

Futerra® R45 High Performance-Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TRM) was created from the time-proven legacy of the world’s original turf reinforcement mat from Colbond Geosynthetics. The new Futerra R45 HP-TRM offers significant advantages over conventional TRMs, making it ideal for specialized applications such as:

  • Levee armoring

  • Canal and shoreline protection

  • Steep slope and channel stabilization

  • Slope failure repairs

It also provides a solid foundation for Profile’s Anchor Armor™ Anchor Reinforced Vegetation Solutions (ARVS), which are definitive solutions for site-specific geotechnical stabilization and severe erosion challenges requiring higher factors of safety.

Learn why Futerra R45 TRM is the most complete turf reinforcement mat ever.

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