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We have been specifically focused on the hydroseeding and hydraulic erosion control industry for over 20 years.  This industry has transitioned it's approached from basic cheap seeding to the control of erosion using   “Best Management Practice” (BMPs) driven by the Clean Water Act (CWA) and in turn this has created levels of product selections based upon price and performance.  Profile Products has created a product pyramid to help demonstrate products to their performance/value.

Traditionally, hydromulch has been considered one of the materials at the bottom/low end of the erosion control choices or options. Historically, hydromulch was just thought of as a fast easy way to grow grass. The lower performing or less expensive hydroseeding products (as a category) are typically manufactured from recycled paper, blends of paper with wood or even waste straw and/or cotton.  Profile's choices moves up the category to incorporate the use of a thermally refined wood based solution due to the possibility of heavy rain events and/or steep slope applications.  The obvious need for a better performing option created the introduction of longer lasting, more flexible products to compete with the various rolled erosion control products in the market place.

Earth and Turf Reps offers the erosion control industry the best variety of hydromulch materials on the market today from Profile Products.  We will work with our customers to choose the proper product for each and every specific project requirement. Please contact us at (803) 730-3827.


Profile is the largest producer of hydromulches in the United States.  Thermally refined wood fiber makes Profile Product's hydromulch unique and the leading product choices in the industry. Profile manufactures premium mulches to take on even the toughest terrain and steepest slopes.  When selecting the proper product the following three factors should be evaluated:  Functional longevity, slope length and slope gradient. Another common statement we use at Earth and Turf Reps would be to match the product to the "Terrain and Rain".

Utilize the speed and cost-savings of hydraulically applied mulches.
Profile® has a long history of leading innovation in the development of reinforced fiber mulch used as HECPs. Our unique combination of erosion and sediment control engineering excellence and agronomic expertise has dramatically expanded the application of natural vegetation as an effective erosion control solution.

Selecting the Correct Erosion Control Material is one of Profile's 5 Fundamentals, a holistic approach to establishing sustainable vegetation and receiving the earliest possible Notice of Termination (NOT) - two essential goals of every project.

For turnkey assistance with application of The 5 Fundamentals™ on your next project, beginning with a FREE soil test, use Profile Soil Solution Software (PS3).

Let us help you determine which products are the best options for your site and circumstances:

  • Flexible Growth Medium™ (FGM™)

  • Advanced Fiber Matrices

  • Spread or Spray Mulch Granules

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