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1. Fill 1/3 of mechanically agitated hydroseeder with water. Turn pump on for 15 seconds and purge and pre-wet lines. Turn pump off.

2. Turn agitator on and load low density materialsfirst (i.e. seed-other amendments).

3. Continue filling tank with water while loading fiber mulch into the tank.

4. Fiber Mulch should be completely loaded before water level reaches 90% of the top of tank.

5. Add fertilizer and top off with water.

6. Mix until all fiber is fully broken apart and hydrated (min. 10 minutes).

7. Shut off recirculation valve, slow down agitator and start applying fiber mulch with a 50 degree fan tip nozzle.

8. Spray in opposing directions for 100% soil coverage.

9. Two-step application is preferred for best results.

10. To ensure proper application, area needs to be staked out

Please see the document below for further tank loading information. 

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