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Biodegradable erosion control blankets provide temporary erosion protection and give vegetation a chance to establish root and stem systems to permanntly stabilize soil. The blankets are designed to decompose once the vegetation is mature enough to provide adequate protection.

Different fibers, netting and weaves are used depending on the slope of the area or the amount of flow, and the length of time protection is needed before mature vegetation can adequately stabilize the soil.

Short-term biodegradable erosion control blankets are usually made of wheat straw with a biodegradable netting, and provide erosion protection and promote vegetation establishment for 45 days up to 12 months.  They are used on moderately sloping areas and low-flow channels, where bare-ground seeding and loose mulches often fail.
Extended-term or long-term erosion control blankets have a double-netting structure and are made of a longer lasting fiber such as coir, or coconut fiber. They provide erosion protection and assist vegetation establishment for 18 to 36 months. Long-term blankets are used on steep slopes, medium to high-flow channels, and shorelines.

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