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Are a Tackifier and a Polyacrylamide the same thing?

Does a two step process take twice as long to apply or twice as many tankloads?

If you have 10 acres to spray Flexterra on and you are applying the product at 3500 lbs. per acre, and you are using a T-330, approximately how many tankloads will you need to spray?

Is Profile’s wood mulch thermally refined or atmospherically refined?
Thermally refined

Should you use cationic or anionic linear polymers?
Anionic, remember Cationic and the word caution

What does BFM stand for and what product fits this category?
Bonded Fiber Matrix, ProMatrix

What does FRM stand for and what product fits this category?
Fiber Reinforced Matrix, Flexterra HP, CocoFlex

What does HM stand for and what product fits this category?
Hydraulic Mulch, Blend or Wood with and w/out tack

What does IECA stand for?
International Erosion Control Association

What does PAM stand for and what product fits this category?
Polyacrylamide, FlocLoc

What does SMM stand for and what product fits this category?
Stabilized Mulch Matrix, TerraMatrix

What does Tri-Flo do?
Improves moisture retention.
Improves the suspension of mulch, seed and fertilizer within the slurry and prevents the dewatering of the fiber mulch.
Improves the application of hydraulic mulch in a more uniform layer for better coverage and enhanced product performance.
Improves application efficiency by increasing shooting distance and enhancing hose performance, greatly reducing downtime associated with clogging.

What is our High Tensile TRM’s called?
Enkamat R45

What is the name of our dry applied ESP pellet product?
Seed Aide Aero

What is the name of Profile’s design software?
Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3)

What makes Flexterra HP different from the original Flexterra?
100% biodegradable interlocking man-made, Revolutionary Micro-Pore particles

When a contractor calls and he is looking at a spec and he doesn’t know if the product is a PAM or a tackifier, what is the best way to know?

The contractor should look at how many lbs. to the acre is specified. Low, around 3-5 lbs. per acre mean PAM, 20-50 lbs. means tack

Where can all of Profile’s product documents be found?
PS3 website

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